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GRIT is a Level 3 BBBEE company in terms of the new legislation and verification system, 100% of your company spending with GRIT is therefore recognized for your BBBEE score; 48% of shares are held by The Dipeo BEE Education Trust which in turn is a Level 1 contributor to BBBEE. 

Contribution made to Dipeo is provided in the form of bursaries to persons from the designated groups based on certain criteria. GRIT is currently growing its offering outside its traditional client base, extending our services and products to a wider audience which include residential, retirement, educational institutions, construction, manufacturing, corporate clients and ad-hoc customers.

Basic Info about us

We are here to solve your problems and deliver on your needs

Our Commitment

Providing Innovative solutions | Affordable, good quality products | Product availability and logistical solutions | Project Management and execution | After-sales service | Experience and commitments that are of quality and beneficial to all stakeholders.

In providing the services and solutions we offer, we aim to:

Meet the requirements of the clients | Cost-effective solutions and pricing | Sustainable solutions| Quality products

GRIT has an innovative approach and will ensure that our clients remain competitive through engaging with us, benefiting from our products, services, and solutions

We are determined to deliver according to our values


Our Philosophy

GRIT is positioning itself to be a Future Facing Company (FFC) while following these principles:

Exploit and Explore:

– Grit will move from opportunity to opportunity, supported through our progressive business model, ensuring world-class product & practices.

Balanced Portfolio:

– Grit’s portfolio approach to business will be supported by its core products & services. An enhanced product offering based on innovation, trends, market, and client requirements is offered in order to remain relevant in volatile and unsure circumstances.

Innovation Thesis:

– Grit operates from an innovation mindset base. Social, technological as well as political opinions and guidelines will serve as indicators to deliver our products, services and solutions.

Innovation Accounting:

– There will not be old-fashioned long-term plans reflecting revenue and profit projections. The unknown future asks for incremental investment, making small bets on many ideas while ensuring we have the resources to take the appropriate steps at the right time.

Lean Start-up:

 – Grit will ensure evidence for investment is researched & available. Risk assumptions will be tested and the approach of “Building/Measuring” will provide the basis for supplying products, services, and solutions our clients require.

Cross-Functional Teams: 

 – Grit will focus on cross-functional collaboration with all stakeholders in order to create and maintain a culture of “Growth through sharing”, real-time learning and sharing will be practiced daily. 

Less Hierarchy: 

 – Grit believes in limited distance between management and customers. We have a “No Sugar-coated” approach on the truth.

Open – Collaborative: 

 – Grit will welcome ideas from outside, we believe that good ideas from anywhere. Grit will be in the forefront in responding to emerging trends.

Ambidextrous Leadership: 

 – Grit will exploit current advantages whilst searching for new ones and ensure our leaders possess dual skills.

Young professionals gathered together, smiling in an office

We will provide:

  • Innovative & Latest Technology Solutions.
  • Affordable products.
  • Quality products and services.
  • Project Management and implementation strategies.
  • Products, services and facilities management that endorses not only our brand but also your brand.

We will ensure:

  • Product availability and warehousing, logistical support.
  • After sales service.
  • Experience and solutions that are beneficial to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

  • Understand the needs of our clients as well as their expectations.
  • Manage, in accordance with a robust focus on performance and quality management, in all areas of the organisation.
  • Engage Integrated systems supporting the entire engagement process with clients through supporting all aspects in our value chain delivery.
  • Efficient teams that can respond to Client Service and Requests to ensure that expectations are met.
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