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Allison Nel

Product Manager: Sports Equipment, Covid & PPE

Marius Koorts

Manager: Maintenance Services

Bennie Botes

Product Manager: Special Makeup Orders

Mark Hodgson

Manager: Security Projects and Services (Electronic Guarding)

Emile Nel

Manager: Fabrication and Planning

Derick Guse

Product Manager: IT Installations Development Services

Neill De Bruyn

Product Manager: IT Equipment and Software

Danie Retief

Executive Corporate Relations

Deon Oosthuysen

Executive Corporate Relations

Alma Kriel

Product Manager: Stationery

Donovan Fourie

Manager: Logistics & Warehouse

Chiquita Coetzee

Social Media/ Design & Marketing Specialist

Stephan Grobler

Chief Financial Officer

Angeline Blight

Product Manager: Furniture and Fittings

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Some of the Industries we engage with

- Construction & Manufacturing
- Corporate
- Wholesale & Retail
- Educational
- Security
- Textile

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We are proud sponsors of the development of in-service training and selected school fees as well as Tertiary bursaries.

We are proud sponsors of "Chances of Hope Charity", we have been sponsoring them for 5 years.

Every helping hand can save a life! Help make their lives better... They are our future!

If you would like to get involved and help sponsor this amazing charity. Please see the links below to the website or find them on Facebook.

Like & Follow "Chances of Hope", Facebook page

Proud Sponsor


Pro Downhill Mountain Biker, 2x National Champion, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, Influencer.

He raced motocross from 1999 until 2009 and then moved to the UK for 2009. He dabbled in 4X and BMX racing and did well ending 6th overall in the UK 4X rankings. Upon returning home in December that year he purchased his first downhill bike due to there not being any 4X in South Africa. However the turning point came just 6 months later in 2010. He finished 5th overall in the South African downhill Championships in his first attempt and this changed His focus….

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